Mighty beanz series 4

Series 4 will probably air Winter 2011. However before, there was a Series 4 in 2004 but, when Mighty Beanz returned in 2010, Series 2 was the top at the time so, now they remade Series 4. Series 4 has all the same Mighty Beanz from Series 1 but, they will change a bit.


In the old Series 4, there was a kind of Mega Beanz, they were larger than now. In the return for Series 4 there will be Glow in Dark Beanz and Mega Beanz. This Series will have Purple Packaging on it. This Series will have over 117 Mighty Beanz. This Series will also be sold in 3-Packs, 6-Packs and 10-Packs. There are special beans that are triangle. They are like square beans from series 3 but a little different.

Normal, Crystal and Mega Beanz in Series 4

Hair Do Beanz

1.   410-Buzz Cut Bean

2.   411-Mullet Bean

3.   412-Emo Bean

4.   413-Mohawk Bean (Crystal)

5.   414-Dreadlock Bean (Mega)

Odd Jobs Beanz

6.   415-Chicken Plucka  Bean

7.   416-Monkey Barber Bean

8.   417-Dog Food Tester Bean

9.   418-Hot Dog Farmer Bean(Crystal)

10.   419-Flea Trainer Bean(Mega)

Clone Beanz

11. 420-Rat Lobster Bean

Sorry, I can't complete the 100 beanz because, My laptop is low  battery. Maybe  next time i can complete  it.  I need to turn off now my computer. From, Jerome