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Vomit bean

The Vomit Bean is a Series 3, Common, Mighty Bean based of of a boy with a hat Vomiting.


In his Vomit there is trash, an apple and an orange type of liquid. One of his two hands appears to be touching some of his vomit, the other hand is holding some sort of bucket. On the bottom of the bean is not feet marks, but a splash sign.

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Mighty Beanz Series 3 Cmmercial

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Ice block bean
The Newest Square Bean in Series 3 is the Ice Block Bean!

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List of Mighty Beanz

A List of Mighty Beanz. There are more than 200 beans.
CommenCommon UncommonUncommon RareRare Ultra rareUltra Rare LimitedLimited

Commen001. Ninja Bean
Commen002. Boxer Bean
Commen003. Wrestler Bean
Rare004. Karate Bean
Ultra rare005. Sumo Bean
Commen006. Snowboard Bean
Commen007. Skateboard Bean
Commen008. Skydive Bean
Rare009. Surf Bean
Ultra rare010. Strong Man Bean
Commen011. Tiger Bean
Commen012. Parrot Bean
Commen013. Lion Bean
Rare014. Zebra Bean
Ultra rare015. Rhino Bean
Commen016. Dodo Bean
Commen017. Wooly Mammoth Bean
Commen018. Rapitor Bean
Rare019. Caveman Bean
Ultra rare020. T-Rex Bean
Commen021. Grilled Bean
Commen022. Country & Western Bean
Commen023. Rapper Bean
Rare024. Pop Star Bean
Ultra rare025. Punk Bean
Commen026. Snotty Bean
Commen027. Rashy Bean
Commen028. Chicken Pox Bean
Rare029. X-Ray Bean
Ultra rare030. Nurse Bean
Commen031. Shark Bean
Commen032. Octopus Bean
Commen033. Diver Bean
Rare034. Pirate Bean
Ultra rare035. Whale Bean
Commen036. Fried Bean
Commen037. Nugget Bean
Commen038. Hot Dog Bean
Rare039. Milkshake Bean
Ultra rare040. Hamburger Bean
Commen041. Loch Ness Monster Bean
Commen042. Dragon Bean
Commen043. Bigfoot Bean
Rare044. Yeti Bean
Ultra rare045. Leprechaun Bean
Commen046. Panda Bean
Commen047. Teddy Bean
Commen048. Polar Bear Bean
Rare049. Koala Bean
Ultra rare050. Grizzly Bear Bean
Commen051. General Bean
Commen052. Bomb Disposal Bean
Commen053. Commando Bean
Rare054. Drill Sergeant Bean
Ultra rare055. Major Stench Bean
Commen056. Poodle Bean
Commen057. Bloodhound Bean
Commen058. Chihuahua Bean
Rare059. Rottweiler Bean
Ultra rare060. Bulldog Bean
Commen061. Jekyll and Hyde Bean
Commen062. Werewolf Bean
Commen063. Frankenstein Bean
Rare064. Vampire Bean
Ultra rare065. Blob Bean
Commen066. Robot Bean
Commen067. Astronaut Bean
Commen068. Captain Bean
Rare069. Space Monkey Bean
Ultra rare070. Alien Bean
Commen071. Praying Mantis Bean
Commen072. Bumblebee Bean
Commen073. Firefly Bean
Rare074. Butterfly Bean
Ultra rare075. Army Ant Bean
Commen076. Football Bean
Commen077. Basketball Bean
Commen078. Soccer Bean
Rare079. Hockey Bean
Ultra rare080. Baseball Bean
Commen081. Fu Manchu Bean
Commen082. Musketeer Bean
Commen083. Handlebar Bean
Rare084. Curly Moe Bean
Ultra rare085. Walrus Bean
Commen086. Unicorn Bean
Commen087. Fairy Bean
Commen088. Wizard Bean
Rare089. Princess Bean
Ultra rare090. Knight Bean
Commen091. Rasta Monkey Bean
Commen092. Punk Monkey Bean
Commen093. Pirate Monkey Bean
Rare094. King Kong Bean
Ultra rare095. Gangster Monkey Bean
Commen096. Cat Bean
Commen097. Rabbit Bean
Commen098. Canary Bean
Rare099. Goldfish Bean
Ultra rare100. Hamster Bean
Limited101. Skeleton Bean
Limited102. G-Force Bean
Limited103. Genie Bean
Limited104. Computer Bean
Limited105. Hollywood Stunt Bean
Limited106. Daredevil Bean
Limited107. Crash Test Dummy Bean
Limited108. Street Racer Bean
Limited109. Motocross Bean
Limited110. Drag Racer Bean
Limited111. Biker Bean
Limited112. Bass Guitar
Limited113. Singer Bean
Limited114. Guitar Bean
Limited115. Keyboard Bean
Limited116. Drummer Bean
Commen117. Hamster Boy Bean
Commen118. Bird Lady Bean
Commen119. Cat Lady Bean
Rare120. Horse Prince Bean
Ultra rare121. Bulldog Man Bean
Commen123. Reptile Handler Bean
Commen127. Hairy Nose Bean
Ultra rare131. Elephant Bean
Commen134. Lion Tamer Bean
Rare135. Fire Eater Bean
Ultra rare141. Pig Bean
Commen142. Yoga Bean
Ultra rare146. Sweaty Bean
Commen159. Orca Bean
Rare165. Ping Pong Bean
Commen173. Alley Cat Bean
Commen174. Chinchilla Bean
Commen177. Driver Bean
Ultra rare206. Crab Bean
Commen236. Vomit Bean

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