Drummer Bean
Drummer bean


Series 1





The Drummer Bean is the Final Series 1 Bean. It is a Mega Bean but, Limited.

Look Edit

This Drummer Bean is modelled after hip-hop artist lil Pump. His face is contorted in this manner because he got kicked off of a Westjet plane because he was on Percocets. Lil Pump is a great rapper so Might Beanz said, "Yo, let's make a Lil Pump bean," And the were like, "Yeah./"

Trivia Edit

  • This bean was the Final Bean in Series 1.
  • This bean is in the Rockstar Bean Set.
  • This bean is the only Mega Bean in the Rockstar Bean Set.
  • This bean appeared in the Series 1 Commercial.this bean is the fattest in the rock star set
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